James Osborne & Co.

James Osborne & Co., Produce Brokers, 51, Miller Street.

    The business carried on by this firm is one of the most important in Glasgow. The firm import largely such, goods as flour, sugar, provisions, &c. A considerable amount of business is done with America. Among the leading features of the business it may be mentioned that Messrs. Osborne & Co. are agents for several of the largest American millers. Very special attention has been devoted to importing the finest provisions, and the firm have thus acquired a very high-class reputation in this respect.

    The house was founded in 1867, and for many years was carried on in St. Vincent Street. It was thence removed to Hope Street, and subsequently to the present spacious and commodious establishment. The firm opened a branch establishment in New York about twelve years ago, and have also a very important depot in London, and another in Liverpool. The business is very ably and energetically conducted, and ranks among the most noted establishments in the district. The proprietor is widely known and highly respected in the commercial world and is a J.P. for Lanarkshire.

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