Geo. Paterson & Co.

Geo. Paterson & Co., Ship Chandlers, &c., 16, Springfield Lane.ó

    Wherever there is any considerable amount of shipping it is only natural to find firms devoting their attention to the various requirements in that interest. Consequently many of the most important houses in Glasgow are those whose trades are more or less connected with the supply of goods incidental to the fitting, &c., of ships. Among these special mention must be made of Messrs. Geo. Paterson & Co., one of the largest and most successful houses engaged in this direction. The business was founded about 1852. The site of the original establishment now forms part of the docks, and the present premises have been occupied since 1877. Their premises at the above address are at the west end of Kingston Dock ; they comprise a very large and well-appointed shop, having three windows facing Springfield Lane, and two windows facing Dock Lane. The chief feature of the trade is that of ship chandlers and sailmakers.

    In the former department an enormous business is done. The large warehouses and storerooms contain a very extensive stock of goods in every variety. Beneath the main portion of the establishment there is very spacious cellarage that is used for storing goods of all kinds. Among the leading features are such as engine-room stores, cordage and sailcloth, oils, paints, brass, copper, and tin utensils. Every article is of the very best quality.

    In the sailmaking department a large and highly important business is done, and for the purpose of conducting this the proprietor has a spacious sail-loft in the immediate vicinity, at 71, Morrison Street. This consists of a large uppermost flat of an extensive building, covering a considerable ground area. The flat measures about seventy feet by forty-two. An efficient staff is here engaged in sewing and finishing sails. When the goods are finished they are sent to the chief depot in Springfield Lane, where a large trade is done in this direction, many of the leading shipowners having long been patrons of Mr. Patersonís establishment. The business extends to all parts, and is continually increasing both in extent and importance. Under the very able control of the proprietor the firm has become renowned, and is now among the foremost houses of this class in the United Kingdom.

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