R. Paterson & Sons

R. Paterson & Sons, Manufacturers of Wool and Silk Poncho Shawls, Harness Dressing-Gown Cloth, &c., 28, Ingram Street.

    This respectable firm was originally established some twenty years ago, in the name of R. & H. Paterson, in Cochrane Street, and the business was afterwards carried on at Montrose Street, and now at the present address. R. Paterson & Sons are manufacturers of wool and silk poncho shawls, also of Harness dressing-gown cloth, &c., and their trade is very extensive, their connections including Glasgow and Manchester, but extending to Buenos Ayres, the River Plate, &c. All their goods are of the very highest order of excellence.

    They occupy spacious and commodious premises. The number of operatives varies from fifty to a hundred. The commercial status of the firm is in all respects first-class, and no house could possibly conduct a business upon more honourable or straightforward lines.

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