William Paterson & Son

William Paterson & Son, Smiths, Bell-hangers, Gas-fitters, Gas-lighting Contractors, &c., 83, Pitt Street.—

    This well-known and highly respectable firm was founded as far back as the year 1810, by the late Mr. William Paterson, in Ann Street, Glasgow, so that the concern has been established close upon three quarters of a century. Some years ago the business was removed to 83, Pitt Street, their present head office and works. The firm have now branch works at Finnieston Quay, Queen’s Dock. The sole principal is Mr. George Paterson.

    Messrs. William Paterson & Son carry on an exceptionally large trade as bell-hangers and gas-fitters, and are agents for the great house of George Bray & Co., gas-lighting engineers, of Leeds. The firm are noted for their success in fitting establishments of all kinds with pneumatic or electric bells. Amongst scores of steam-ships, steam-yachts, &c., which they have so fitted, are the Cunard Steamship Co.’s celebrated steamer Servia, and the Guion liner Oregon. They also execute ordinary bell-hanging, and do repairs of all kinds.

    As gas-fitters their business is largely augmented by their Leeds agency (already referred to) for the noted gas-lighting engineers, “Geo. Bray & Co.” This firm are the patentees of what is known as the “Flat-flame System of Street Lighting”, which has been demonstrated to be the most perfect of any ever yet invented, not excluding the electric system. They have been supplied to 300 towns in the United Kingdom. Besides being adapted for ordinary street lighting, these lanterns are used at railway-stations, hotels, shop-fronts, landing-stages, piers, &c. This system has been adopted at the Queen Street High Level Station, Glasgow ; the Queen Street Low Level Station, Glasgow ; and the College Goods Station, Glasgow ; and we may add that the lighting by the Bray system of gas lanterns at the latter station is the largest installation but one of this system of gas lighting at any goods station in Great Britain.

    By far the largest and most important installation, however, of the Bray system of gas lanterns is at the harbour of Glasgow, where the two public and the one private graving docks are thus lighted, as well as all the ferry-stairs, landing-stages, open quays, and all the newer sheds, comprising in all about 155 lanterns, varying from several of 1,250 candle-power each down to many of 100 candle-power each, giving an aggregate candle power of 26,100 candles. Messrs. W. Paterson & Son undertake all orders in Glasgow and the district for supplying and fixing these lanterns.

    They manufacture iron doors, railings, gates, window-stanchions, crane-chains of very special quality, large scale-beams (of various sizes), locks of all kinds (also locks made to order), improved hinges for swing doors, &c., also deed and charter boxes, &c. All goods supplied by them, whether of their own manufacture or otherwise, are of the best quality. Their premises in Pitt Street are spacious and commodious, and they are admirably appointed. The number of hands employed averages about 30.

    Mr. George Paterson is a considerate employer, and is universally esteemed in Glasgow and neighbourhood.

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