Alexander Paton

Alexander Paton, Waterloo Forge and Bellows Works, 124 and 126 Waterloo Street.—

    A large business is carried on by Mr. Alexander Paton in the supplying of foundry and blacksmiths' requisites. This business was established over two years ago in the above premises, and a large and widespread trade is being developed. The premises consist of two flats of commodious workshops, where there are a full staff employed. A well-appointed counting-house is situated in a building standing apart from the workshops.

    This business is specially engaged in the making of all kinds of smiths’ bellows — double-blast circular bellows, single-blast circular bellows, smiths’ hearths, wrought-iron tue irons, swage blocks, anvils, vices, grindstones, tube brushes, and blacksmiths’ tools of every description. This firm is famed for the excellent rivet and portable forges it sends out, these being executed in a large variety of sizes. The firm has a wide connection amongst all classes of buyers, and is well known in the trade for the sterling quality of its productions. The business is so rapidly increasing that the premises are going to be extended by 150 square yards, and another two-storey building is going to be utilised. It employs two travellers, and has business relations all over the world. It is esteemed one of the first houses in this important trade.

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