Paton, Brown & Co.

Paton, Brown & Co., Manufacturers of Shirtings, Skirtings, and Dress Goods, 176, Ingram Street.

    The firm of Paton, Brown & Co., are, at Glengarnock, Ayrshire, manufacturers on a large scale of shirtings, skirtings, and dress goods, and have a connection of considerable magnitude amongst the principal wholesale houses of the United Kingdom and the colonies. Their factory at Glengarnock is of large extent and is equipped with machinery and other appliances of the newest and most improved description, and the number of hands employed averages about three hundred.

    Notwithstanding the great competition which has been going on in their branches of industry of late years, and especially since so many limited liability companies have come into the market, Messrs. Paton, Brown & Co. have successfully held their position, and have even increased their connection and the amount of their trade, and this fact of itself furnishes indisputable evidence of the superior value of their manufactures and the high mercantile reputation which their firm enjoys. Their premises are commodious and well adapted for the carrying on of a large business.

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