R. & S. Paton

R. & S. Paton, Potato Merchants, 46, Hanover Street.ó

    This well-known and successful firm, although trading upon somewhat exclusive lines, is one of the most thriving and important in Glasgow. The business was established in 1870, since which date a very large and increasing trade has been developed.

    The firm devote special attention to potatoes, and carry on an enormous business in Glasgow, employing six salesmen throughout the city. They are among the largest buyers of Ayrshire potatoes in Glasgow. They are also large exporters, principally to the United States, where Messrs. Paton are widely known and have a first-class connection. They also send large quantities of all kinds of seed potatoes to Ireland, where the firmís name is well known. This branch of commerce forms the leading feature of the business, and the success that has been gained is abundant proof of the superior quality of the articles dealt in and the able and energetic manner in which the business is conducted.

    In addition to exporting potatoes, the firm also cultivate mushrooms in Edinburgh and produce large quantities from spawn. The mushrooms are grown in Scotland Street Tunnel, where there are three miles of bed, whence they are supplied fresh daily all the year round to all parts of England and Scotland, and command a very extensive trade in this direction.

    Messrs. Paton occupy very commodiously arranged premises in Hanover Street, where they have been located since 1878. A very large and influential connection is maintained and the firm have achieved a widespread reputation in all parts. Both in the home and export departments the baseness is continually increasing both in extent and importance, and the firm ranks among the leading mercantile houses in the north of Britain.

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