W. & A. Paton

W. & A. Paton, Hosiers, Glovers, Shirtmakers, and Ladies' Outfitters, 133, Buchanan Street.ó

    A business established so long back as 1839, and still existing and thriving, shows an amount of vitality and evidence of good management on the part of its proprietors that is somewhat unusual in our day. The business carried on by Messrs. William and Alexander Paton was founded in the year 1839, and has been conducted in the present premises for over twenty years. The trade is of a first-class hosierís, gloverís, and shirtmakerís, and has a special department for ladiesí outfitting. The shop itself is a very large and handsome one, and the appointments and fittings are perfect of their kind. The stock is very large, varied, and remarkably well kept.

    Their gentlemenís department has every kind of underwear that can be found in either the metropolitan or continental markets. In gloves, scarves, and ties, their stock is most choice and tasteful. The Messrs. Paton are widely celebrated for their own special make of dress shirts.

    Their ladiesí underclothing and baby linen department is justly famous for the excellence of the goods supplied. In ladiesí goods, Messrs. Paton make a speciality of white and coloured hosiery, which is manufactured solely for them and under their supervision. The house supplies everything requisite for ladiesí underclothing, and the choicest novelties as they issue from the manufacturers are placed by the enterprise of the Messrs. Paton before their customers regardless of cost or trouble. Their assortment of such trifles as handkerchiefs, and lace and embroidered goods, are displayed to tempt, and at the same time please and gratify their fair supporters.

    Messrs. Patonís business is one of the oldest in Buchanan Street, and in all its arrangements speaks volumes for their great capacity. Messrs. William and Alexander Paton well deserve their large country connection, which is continually increased by attention and strict integrity.

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