George Patrick

George Patrick, Tarn Merchant, 15, Smith’s Court, 53, Candleriggs.—

    This well-known house was founded thirty years ago by Mr. James Couper, who is succeeded by his son-in-law, the present proprietor, who was manager for the last twenty years. Mr. Patrick is a yarn merchant and wholesale and retail woollen manufacturer in a most extensive way of business. He is a large importer of Belgian yarn, which is afterwards dyed, and prepared on his premises in warp and weft for weavers. These latter processes are accomplished by hand, and a large proportion of the yarn is sent to the Highlands of Scotland, where it is woven — solely by hand — by the crofter population.

    Mr. Patrick’s trade is entirely a home one. His premises consist of three large flats, and in them are stored heavy and valuable stocks of yarns. Mr. Patrick deals in winding machines, warping mills, bobbins, &c., and is a worthy employer and a highly esteemed citizen of Glasgow.

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