Robert B. Paul

Robert B. Paul, Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer, 105, Sauchiehall Street.—

    Mr. Robert B. Paul has been established in business since the year 1869. He commenced at 84, Sauchiehall Street, where he continued to carry on the trade until about a year ago, when he removed thence to his present new premises. Mr. Paul is a cabinet-maker and upholsterer on a very large scale, and he has a splendid connection. He has of late been exporting furniture even to Australia.

    The establishment he occupies is of a somewhat unique character. He built it himself, and it is one of the most attractive in the city. It consists of a block 110 feet by 50 feet, and it is seven stories high, including the basement. For a height of 30 feet the building runs “flush” with the other buildings in the street, but from this point it projects some distance beyond the street line over the pavement. There was opposition offered to this overhanging feature, but, finally, the work was allowed to proceed. Though of a light and artistic design, it has been pronounced by the City Master of Works to be very strong in its construction. The building contains some magnificent showrooms, being both of great size and height, and admirably appointed.

    The ground floor is devoted to the purposes of a general showroom ; the first floor for the display of dining room and drawing-room furniture. The second floor is appropriated to bedroom suites ; the third floor to library and office furniture, also iron bedsteads and bedding, which are a special department ; whilst the remaining floors are set apart for the storage of goods and furniture. The building is provided with a hydraulic lift, so that goods can be hoisted from the basement to any of the floors, or lowered from thence to the basement, with ease.

    The stock of furniture contained in this emporium is of enormous value, and for variety and excellence could with difficulty be surpassed. There is a staff of some twenty or more hands employed on the premises, and no large concern could possibly be conducted on better lines.

    Mr. Paul has another establishment of large size in Renfield Street. This is devoted exclusively to second-hand furniture. The building covers an area of 120 by 50 feet and is three stories high. The stock of second-hand goods deposited here is very large and is first-class, and is sold at moderate prices.

    Mr. Paul’s business is one of the most skilfully managed and ably conducted in Glasgow, and it clearly proves him to be a gentleman possessing tact, energy, enterprise, and unlimited resource.

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