John Peacock & Son

John Peacock & Son, Family Bakers, Cooks, and Confectioners, 317 and 319, Paisley Road.—

    One of the most attractive establishments in the Paisley Road is that of Messrs. John Peacock & Son, cooks and confectioners. This business was established at the present address in 1857, and is one of the oldest concerns in the locality. It is, indeed, the oldest bakery in Paisley Road, as at the date of its establishment the ground at 494 was not fenced. The firm have suffered a loss quite recently through the death of Mr. John Peacock, sen., and the business is now conducted under the management of Mrs. J. Peacock.

    The premises occupied are very extensive, and comprise a very handsome double shop, fitted with three large windows, two entrances, and also two long counters. In the centre is a superbly fitted lunch stand. The shop is about 50 feet by 30 feet in extent, and a large bakehouse is situated at the rear, where the firm bake all their goods. There is another shop at 494, which was opened by the late Mr. John Peacock in the year 1876. The business having so rapidly increased that customers could not be supplied from the original shop, it was thought proper to open one for the convenience of the west customers of the firm. This was done, and turned out quite successful.

    In 1881 the shop was handed over to Mr. R. A. Peacock, eldest son of the late Mr. J. Peacock, who has since carried it on on his own account tinder the name of R. A. Peacock & Son. The stock is always kept fresh, and includes all kinds of fancy breads, cakes of every description, including wedding, school, christening, diet, and pound cakes, ices, jellies, creams, &c. A large trade is done in supplying dinners, suppers, balls and evening parties, and wedding breakfasts. Silver plate, cutlery, glass, china, tables, &c., are also let out on hire. A speciality of this house is their new styles of wedding cakes, which are securely packed and sent to all parts of the world.

    Previous to the death of the senior Mr. Peacock the firm had branches at 56, Maxwell Road, and at 31, St. Andrew’s Road, in addition to the premises now under review, but these two branches were recently taken over by the son, Mr. John Peacock. They are both fine shops, and the businesses are being carried on by the young man with energy and intelligence. Mrs. John Peacock, the widow, now confines her attention exclusively to the old-established business at 317 and 319, Paisley Road.

    The firm combine with their own business an agency for pure teas, and have acquired a great reputation for the quality of their goods and the style in which they carry out all contracts for parties. They can supply all kinds of made dishes, such as soufflets, &c., on the shortest notice. The connection of the firm is of a long-established and most extensive kind, including the gentry and opulent families of the district, and their support is liberally given to a house so eminent for the way in which its operations are conducted.

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