R. A. Peacock & Son

Messrs. R. A. Peacock & Son, Bakers, Cooks and Confectioners, Paisley Road Toll.—

    There is probably no better-known firm in the south-western part of Glasgow devoted to the baking of plain and fancy breads than Messrs. R. A. Peacock & Sons, at the car teminus, Paisley Road Toll. The “staff of life” has here a rich and rare representation, and in the general features and conduct of the business there is an evidence of superior knowledge and skill of the trade, and an intelligent attachment to its scientific principles, as rendered by the best authorities of the medical faculty of the present day. Mr. R. A. Peacock has had long and fruitful experience in this way. He was originally established in 1857 with Messrs. John Peacock & Son, and acquired these premises he now occupies in 1876, under the title of R. A. Peacock & Son.

    The premises at this busy junction of the Glasgow and Govan tramways are most elegant and attractive, and show to very fine advantage, with their superior and tempting relays of wholesome fancy and plain breads. The shop measures twenty-four feet by fifty feet, including back shop accommodation for packers and ornamental work, has two large well-furnished windows, and is handsomely fitted up and finished all throughout, with a small office at the rear. The bakery is behind the shop, and is of very large proportions, being about fifty feet by one hundred feet. All the manufacture of the breadstuffs is superintended personally by Mr. Peacock. As bakers, cooks, confectioners, and purveyors, the Messrs. R. A. Peacock & Son are most popular over a large part of this locality, and do a large trade of a superior order.

    They are thoroughly equipped for instant supply of dinners, luncheons, suppers, evening parties, trial trips, picnics, &c., &c. They contract for the entire supply of everything in the way of tables and forms, table requisites, silver plate, cutlery, china, glass, table napery, &c., and the high-class nature of the goods is rendered doubly enjoyable by the smart, methodical order with which everything is done.

    Messrs. R. A. Peacock & Sons make a speciality of wedding-cakes over and above their ordinary business. These cakes are made in every variety of style to suit all tastes, and at prices ranging from one guinea up to thirty guineas, and have been sent to most parts of the world. Mr. Peacock makes it a point to personally superintend the making of all the wedding-cakes, and has done so for the last twenty years, so that he is without a rival for that class of goods in the United Kingdom. Mr. Peacock has a large album, in which he retains photographs of some of his best designs, so that anyone wishing to make a selection has only to consult the album, where every variety of form is displayed. Mr. Peacock constructs every separate cake of a different pattern, and is in this respect unsurpassed.

    In addition to the bakery to the rear there is a commodious stable for horses and a store to contain the purveying utensils, tables, forms, &c., &c. The firm have recently opened a branch business at Albert Cross, Pollokshields, and another at Kensington Terrace, Ibrox. That at Pollokshields is a large comer shop with five plate-glass windows, and the one at Ibrox is also a very fine shop. R. A. Peacock is the only one of the family who is a practical baker ; and so well may he be perfect in his art, inasmuch as he is one of a family of bakers to the fourth generation.