A. W. Peden

A. W. Peden, Wholesale and Export Shirt and Clothing Manufacturer, 68, Trongate.—

    There are very few industries in this city which have developed more rapidly or attained to such importance as the manufacture of clothing for wholesale and export, and amongst the many large firms extensively engaged in this business is the well-known establishment of Mr. A.W. Peden.

    Mr. Peden occupies extensive and commodious premises, admirably adapted to the business. These comprise large warehouse and saleroom, also spacious workshops, and a convenient suite of well-appointed offices and counting-house. The warehouse contains a large and valuable stock of goods of the firm’s own manufacture, which is thoroughly representative of the trade, and embraces every description of gentlemen’s, youth’s, and boy’s clothing, manufactured in the best materials.

    The secret of the great success which has been achieved by this house is the great care and sound judgment which are exercised in the selection of the materials, and the fact that none but trustworthy and experienced workmen are employed. Some idea of the magnitude of the operations of this firm may be gathered from the fact that over two hundred workpeople are constantly employed.

    A large bespoke business is also done, and a special department assigned to this branch, which is under the control of first-class cutters. Shirts also form a special feature of the trade, these being made in every variety of style and material. In addition to the Trongate warehouse, Mr. Peden has a number of branch establishments in the city and throughout the country. The connections of this house are of a very widespread and influential character, extending over the whole of Scotland, England, and Ireland, and the export business to America and the colonies.

    Mr. A. W. Peden, who is the sole proprietor, possesses the advantage of long and thorough mercantile and practical experience, and occupies an influential position in business circles.

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