Porteous & Crawford

Porteous & Crawford, Anderston Galvanizing Works, 94, Elliot Street.—

    That process by which iron, more particularly in the form of tanks, is rendered proof against oxidation when exposed to moisture and the air, and known as galvanizing, is now a most important industry. In connection with this trade a thoroughly representative firm is that of Messrs. Porteous & Crawford, Anderston Galvanizing Works. This business was established in Clyde Street in 1865, by Mr. William Porteous and Mr. Crawford. Mr. Crawford died many years ago, and the business is now the property of Mr. Porteous.

    The works, which cover an area of over one thousand square yards, consist of a building of one storey, and comprise offices, &c., and the galvanizing shop, which is supplied with the most approved machinery and appliances. Iron in every conceivable shape that requires to be galvanized is treated in these works. Mr. Porteous’s special work, for which he has gained an extensive connection, is that of galvanizing ships’ tanks. His success is due in a great measure to his high character, which is also the chief means by which he has secured the large support which he continues to enjoy.

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