J. & R. Pritchard & Co.

J. & R. Pritchard & Co., Handkerchief Manufacturers, 257, Argyle Street.—

    In the manufacture of handkerchiefs Glasgow has developed a large and important industry which is most creditably represented in all its phases by the well-known firm of Messrs. J. & R. Pritchard & Co., of the above address. This eminent house was founded upwards of forty-five years age under its present title, its first headquarters being in Queen Street. In Argyle Street they have been located for the past thirty years. These premises are very extensive and commodious, comprising the whole of a handsome block of three fiats, with thirty thousand square feet of floorage.

    Messrs. J. &. R. Pritchard & Co. are manufacturers of a wide variety of made-up goods in embroidered and printed materials for ladies’ and children’s wear, notably ladies’ embroidered robes in linen, flannel, &c., for which they have a very high reputation. The special line of handkerchief manufacture was taken up by the firm about four years ago, but so vigorously has it been developed that it is now one of the largest and most important departments of the business. It embraces the production of hem-stitched and scolloped-edge handkerchiefs in linen, union, and lawn ; hem-stitched white and printed lawn handkerchiefs, royal red brocade white and dyed, and woven border handkerchiefs ; all of which are the outcome of a process of manufacture conducted upon the most approved principles and with the aid of the very best modern facilities. Messrs. Pritchard employ upwards of two hundred and fifty hands on the premises and give out work to about one hundred more, besides retaining about twenty agents in Ireland, who give out a large additional amount of work to those dexterous and deserving operatives, the Irish peasantry.

    The firm’s showrooms occupy one flat of the building in Argyle Street. One room is devoted entirely to childrens’ garments and dresses, and to ladies’ embroidered apparel, a very beautiful display in every feature. Another contains embroidered and printed handkerchiefs for both the home and export markets, these goods including many excellent novelties, for which the house has made for itself an extended celebrity. The two upper floors are well laid out as workrooms. The economising of labour is well considered, the good result thereof being manifested in a favourable scale of prices and a high quality of production. A branch house is in operation at 56 and 58, Knightrider Street, London, E.C., and agents are posted in all the important home centres, including Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, &c. A very large and widespread trade is controlled, and valuable and influential connections are maintained in all parts of the world.

    The late Mr. Pritchard, who established this business, was one of the first commissioners of Govan. He took a deep and beneficial interest in the town, and enjoyed the unreserved respect of all its inhabitants. The house is now controlled by Mr. William Pritchard, son of the founder, and Mr. Alexander Easton. Both these gentlemen are widely and highly esteemed for many admirable and personal qualities, and as business men they have shown themselves devoted to the observance of principles of the highest honour and integrity.

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