Provan & Smellie

Provan & Smellie, Shirtmakers, Hosiers, and Glovers, 120, Trongate.

    A house of distinction in the ever-busy thoroughfare of Trongate is that of Messrs. Provan & Smellie, which was established by them in 1875, and has never been known under any other title. The premises comprise a large double-fronted shop, well fitted up, and containing a well-selected stock of hosiery, shirts, collars, ties, and scarves. The hosiery on hand is all made from the best yarns, and finished in the best possible style. The collars, cuffs, ties, &c., are most unique in pattern, design, and general make ; in fact, they are among the best in this class of goods placed on the market, in this locality at any rate.

    The specialities in which the firm have made their great name is found in gloves this being the leading glove house in the east end of the city. Their gloves are renowned all over this part of the town for their many points of merit, and all the other unenumerated articles are of an equally high order of merit.

    Their dress shirts, too, are specially worthy of the attention of professional and other gentlemen, which for shape, quality, and workmanship, are unsurpassed. They can be had ready-made or to order, correct fit guaranteed. Shirts can also be refitted with new fronts, wrist and collar bands.

    All the assistants employed are picked tradesmen, the firm members carefully superintending the organisation of the business. The shop is very bright and fresh-looking, the windows are beautifully dressed and well lighted. The trade is chiefly of a local customer class, and particularly well-established, having been supplying the same families year after year.

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