Alexander Provan

Alexander Provan, Shirtmaker, Hosier, and Glover, 96, Argyle Street.ó

    This business, which was established by Mr. Provan in 1886, is devoted entirely to gentlemenís hosiery, shirts, collars, cuffs, scarfs, ties, &c. The goods are all of a very superior order, and one has only to look at the windows ó whose arrangement, by the way, is exquisite ó to satisfy themselves of this. His premises, altogether, are very attractive, in the form of a large double shop most elegantly fitted up, a special feature being the ceiling, which consists of square panels of glass, gilt and hand-painted in blue and gold.

    Mr. Provan does a large and select trade, but this could scarcely be otherwise from the immense variety of stock held in dress shirts, gloves, collars, cuffs, and gentlemen can have no difficulty in having their wants supplied, in collars alone fully thirty different shapes may be had to choose from, and these in sizes from thirteen to eighteen inches. Collars, cuffs, &c., to pattern or otherwise, cam be made to order in twenty-four hours notice. In this department we doubt if any other establishment in the city at all approaches Mr. Provanís. He is a very active and enterprising gentleman, keeps fine pace with the changing whims of fashion. He manufactures mostly all his own goods, and dress shirts and gloves especially. His prices are very moderate when compared with the genuine material and first-class workmanship he turns out.

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