James Pyle & Co.

James Pyle & Co., Coppersmiths, 40, Morrison Street.—

    In the year 1866 a very important business was founded by Messrs. Miller & Pyle. After a very successful career the partnership was dissolved in 1878, by Mr. Miller retiring. In 1884 Mr. Pyle died, and since that time the business has been carried on by his son, James.

    This is a leading house in the copper trade, and one that has acquired a great reputation. A very prominent part of the trade is the manufacture and construction of all descriptions of brewers’ and distillers’ plant, including open and close coppers, pot stills, oil stills, rum stills, &c. Special attention should be directed to the firm’s improved refrigerators, which have met with exceptional success, and been widely adopted by most of the leading brewers and distillers. The whole of the apparatus is constructed upon improved principles and in various sizes, even up to a cooling capacity of ten thousand gallons per hour. When it is mentioned that some of these machines have been in constant use fifteen years without costing anything for repairs, the advantage of their use will be apparent.

    Other important features of the work include the manufacture of marine engine connections, according to drawings or specifications. Their trade in ironmongers’ and plumbers’ plant is exceptionally large. This is one of their many special lines, and they are considered the largest makers of these goods in Scotland ; in fact they turn out as many bath, boot, saddle, arched, or oil boilers, with or without flues, also hot-water, circulating tank, laundry boilers, chamber and tank pumps, as the whole trade put together. The firm also manufacture a great variety of vacuum pans, and all descriptions of plant in copper and brass for sugar factories, and construct all varieties of confectionery plant, round and star-shaped pans, fire pans, &c.

    The premises occupied, which are widely known as the Clutha Copper works, are of very considerable extent and are admirably fitted with improved plant and machinery, are exactly opposite the Kingston Docks, and are admirably situated for ship new work, such as marine engines getting fitted with new copper pipes and brass connections, &c., for which they get a share. About thirty to forty hands are engaged, and these have been carefully selected from the most skilful and experienced artizans. The firm’s influential connection includes most of the leading brewers and distillers in the country.

    Messrs. Pyle & Co. exhibited at the International Exhibition in Edinburgh, in 1886, and are also doing the same at the Glasgow Exhibition. The trade extends to all parts, and few firms have acquired such widespread renown for the excellent quality of the work it executes.

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