Robert Ramsay & Co.

Robert Ramsay & Co., Auction Brokers (Hides, Skins, Wool, and Tallow), 33 to 43 Greendyke Street.—

    This distinguished and well-known business house was founded over thirty years ago by the present senior partner, Mr. Robert Ramsey, who continued to trade under the style of Robert Ramsey over twenty years, when partners were taken in, and the firm then traded under the title of R. Ramsey & Co. The business is the largest in Glasgow in the wool, hide, and tallow trade. Robert Ramsey & Co. are auction brokers, their transactions embracing those four great branches of commerce, hides, skins, wool, and tallow, in all of which branches the turnover is simply enormous.

    The firm’s public sale days are : for hides, calfskins, &c., every Wednesday ; for sheepskins, every Tuesday and Friday ; whilst, the wool and tallow sales take place monthly. The firm are wholesale agents for the “Flockmaster’s Dip”, sell McDougall’s, Cooper’s and Biggs' dips, and supply all kinds of greases, oils, butter, tar, and all sorts of dipping and smearing materials.

    The premises in Greendyke Street comprise a large and handsome suite of offices, and stores of four flats, covering about three thousand square yards. The firm issue an annual and weekly Wool Market Report, which, is of great service to those interested in the business. Their hide and skin sales are known all over the country, and are a most influential factor in the commercial economy of the city and the entire west of Scotland.

    The principal partner, and indeed all the members of the firm, are well and favourably known in all parts of Scotland, Ireland, and England as men of high status and integrity.

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