J. & J. Rankin

J. & J. Rankin, Glass Merchants, 16, Great Clyde Street.ó

    The glass and china trade of the neighbourhood of Glasgow is very ably represented by the well-known firm of Messrs. J. & J. Rankin, who carry on an extensive business in both the wholesale and retail departments. The house was established in 1830, at Hamilton, by Mr. William Rankin, the father of the present proprietors. The premises now occupied by the firm were opened by Messrs. J. & M. Laurie, who were succeeded in 1873 by Messrs. James and John Rankin.

    The firm have an establishment at Hamilton as before, and have also a cork manufactory there. Messrs. Rankinís premises in Clyde Street comprise a very commodiously arranged and well-fitted warehouse that contains a very large and assorted stock. The trade may be said to comprise all branches connected with china and glass, and the firm have acquired a great reputation for the superior quality of their goods. A large business is done in glass bottles, flasks, corks, &c., for the use of the spirit trade, among whom the firm are highly popular. The business is very ably conducted and the connection extends to all parts of Scotland.

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