William Rankin

William Rankin, Printer, 146, Renfield Street.—

    William Rankin, commenced business in Sydney Court, Argyle Street, in the year rendered memorable by the great railway mania, 1845. The business has been located twelve years at the present address, where the premises are in every way suited to the requirements of the trade. The composing and machine rooms are well ventilated, lighted, and fixtured.

    The class of work is that of general printing, the leading feature in which has been the production for over forty years of a small sheet known as The Weekly Register, issued every Saturday by Messrs. Robert Stuart & Co., of 101, St. Vincent Street, and containing reliable information as to the despatch of mails, the departure of steamers, and the public meetings, entertainments, &c., taking place in Glasgow during the current week.

    For over twenty-five years a specialty of the house has been the printing of duplicate tickets for pawnbrokers. Mr. Rankin is well known and highly respected as a practical craftsman, as well as for his business integrity. He is an honorary member of the Stationers’ Company, and a member of the Incorporation of Wrights.

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