John Rattray & Son

John Rattray & Son, Plumbers and Gasfitters, 94, Renfield Street.

    No better occupation can be found for making and moulding character than a business one. The principal and principle are there on their trial. Success or failure here depends upon energy and ability, and can be easily traced to its source. These remarks become more apposite when applied to operative industries, and amongst them we have now a good instance under consideration, viz. the operations conducted by Messrs. John Rattray & Son, of the above address. This firm furnishes a fine working combination and example.

    The business was established fully fifty years ago at 104, Renfield Street, by Mr. John Rattray, and was transferred thirty years since to the present premises. Mr. William Alexander Rattray succeeded the former, his father, some eight years ago, and is now sole proprietor. The firm, from its start, has been amongst the best in the city, and has all along maintained a leading position in this trade, both father and son being thoroughly practical men.

    Their premises at 94, Renfield Street are extensive and attractive, consisting of a showroom, workshop, counting-house, and a store for holding reserve stock and plant in the basement flat. In the showroom there is a good display of representative stock in the form of baths and several kinds of sanitary appliances. The Messrs. Rattray employ a large number of men, varying, of course, according to contracts on hand. They do a great deal of work amongst the principal properties in Glasgow and the surrounding districts.

    Among other of their larger contracts may be mentioned that of the plumber-work of the Caledonian Central Station, which they executed with much ability and credit to themselves and the city generally. It would appear superfluous here to speak further of their reputation as first-class plumbers and gasfitters. Over fifty years of concentrated abilities of a high order combined to systematic hard work, numerous examples of which the city holds, are conclusive and sufficient for the nonce. The present proprietor of the firm, Mr. W. A. Rattray, takes a deep interest in all movements concerning the welfare of his trade. He was one of the original promoters of the registration movement in connection with the London Company, which has now been satisfactorily established amongst the plumbers of Glasgow. He is untiring in his efforts to forward all that may benefit his kind, and merits the wide recognition and respect which he receives as a working citizen.

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