Peter Reid

Peter Reid, French Burr Millstone Manufacturer, 28, Hyde Park Street.

    The business now carried on by Mr. Peter Reid was founded by his late father half a century ago, namely in 1837. In 1848, on the death of Andrew Reid, the founder, his eldest son, John, succeeded to the business. This gentleman died in 1875, and since that time the family business has been conducted by Peter Reid, the second son.

    Mr. Reid is an importer and manufacturer of French burr, Welsh burr, Kaimhill, Whin and Derby Peak millstones, and Scotch and Newcastle grindstones. He has, as indeed had his late father and brother, a splendid connection all over the country. He manufactures millstones of the very finest quality for grinding wheat, oats, rice, coffee, cement, charcoal, bones, paint, coprolites, &c., and he is able to compete with all rivals. His extensive premises are well equipped, and he employs a good working staff. All orders are executed with care and promptitude.

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