William Reid

William Reid, Plain and Fancy Muslin Manufacturer, Burnside Factory, Rutherglen.

    The Burnside Factory, at Rutherglen, has been in existence over half a century, and there have been in that long period several changes in the proprietorship. The present principal, Mr. William Reid, has carried on the concern for the past three years.

    The factory contains warping, winding, and tape-dressing machinery, for Mr. Reid is a warper, winder, and weaver of plain and fancy muslin goods. His trade is confined to Glasgow, his clients being chiefly the merchants and warehousemen who send out these muslins to India, &c. The factory has long been noted for the manufacture of muslins, and at the present time there is a great demand for them. There are between five and six hundred looms now at work, and the factory affords employment to about three hundred hands. The commercial status of the house is of the highest order, and the business is conducted upon first-class lines.

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