The Religious Institution Rooms

The Religious Institution Rooms, 177, Buchanan Street.—

    The development of the Presbyterian form of Christianity in Glasgow has an eventful history attached to it since the dawn even of the present century. Many have been the vehicles through which the Church has attempted to reach the masses, and in all enterprises a most admirable spirit has been displayed. The public press has undoubtedly helped to a considerable degree, but those institutions the result of private enthusiasm stand out in bold relief. The Religious Institution Rooms in Buchanan Street are a splendid example, and this establishment since 1829, when it was inaugurated, has been one of the most potent factors in the city in its Christianizing influences, inasmuch as it has been the medium through which private charity and public benevolence have reached many. It may be said to be the mother of the Christian Institute, that fine erection in Bothwell Street.

    The Charity Organization Society took its origin from it, and a multiplicity of other smaller unions and societies, all directed and animated by the one spirit, viz., the infusing of Christian life ; and the general ameliorating and reclaiming influences which it has given to the masses are inestimable. The Religious Institution Rooms have had various headquarters since their establishment, owing to various circumstances which compelled them from time to time to seek more space.

    In Buchanan Street, however, they seem to have got their rendezvous, and are still conducted there, ostensibly as a bookselling and fine stationery business, but practically their work is still the same. The business, still carried on under the designation of John McCallum & Co. (Mr. Malcolm Hunter being sole proprietor), is principally devoted to the dissemination of religious literature. The premises are very large, containing a handsome showroom on ground floor, tastefully laid out with all manner of theological and religious books, church magazines, pamphlets, tracts, and periodicals devoted to the spreading of Christian knowledge.

    There are two large flats above, sublet for different purposes, and a large hall for public meetings. These rooms are largely used for business purposes and by ministers, school teachers, &c. Since the late Mr. McCallum’s decease, Mr. Hunter has devoted himself with great energy to the work, and is still adding to the usefulness of the Religious Institution Booms of Glasgow.

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