John Renfrew

John Renfrew, Furrier, Rug Manufacturer, and Skin Dresser, 49, Dunlop Street.

    The business carried on by the above firm is comprehensive, and has the additional characteristic of being the only one of its class in Glasgow. It was founded in John Street, about 1873, but was removed within three years to a more commodious establishment at the present address.

    These premises comprise spacious and well fitted offices, warehouses, and several workshops. The work is more particularly connected with dressing the skins of various animals. Mr. Renfrew executes all descriptions of work in connection with dressing skins. All kinds of fur skins are dressed and mounted ; sheepskins are dressed, dyed, and made up ; goat-skins are also treated in a similar manner, and a large amount of work is done in the manufacture of rugs, mats, and other similar articles.

    Among the more exceptional work, a large business is done in mounting bear, wolf, and leopard-skin rugs, and making angora, black,  grey, and white goat rugs. Fur carriage wrappers and perambulator aprons are made in large quantities. He also manufactures all kinds of ladies furs and trimmings, including muffs, capes, fur-lined mantles, and seal jackets, and re-dyes and repairs furs in all its branches. In every branch the work is executed with great care. The firm have gained a first-class reputation.

    The connection and trade have largely increased, both in extent and importance, throughout all parts of the kingdom. The business is entirely confined to the wholesale department, and their connections extend to Birmingham, Manchester, and other large towns in England. The house has been very ably conducted under the energetic and personal supervision of the enterprising proprietor.

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