Isaac Rigg & Son

Isaac Rigg & Son, Glass and China Warehouse, 55, Buchanan Street.

    An important factor in the china and glass ware trade of Glasgow, and one that has been felt specially in the improvement of the character of the goods to suit the conditions of wealth and culture, is that represented by the house of Messrs. Isaac Rigg & Son. This enterprise was inaugurated between seventy and eighty years ago by Mr. Isaac Rigg, who took into partnership his son, the late Mr. Archibald Rigg, and for many years was conducted as Isaac Rigg & Son, as at present, the firm title being still retained by the now sole proprietor, Mr. R. A. Rigg, grandson of the founder of the firm.

    The premises occupied comprise very large and most handsome show-rooms, extending through from Buchanan Street to Mitchell Street, and affording ample room for the storage and exhibition of the large stock that is constantly kept on hand. There is a large local trade of a strictly high class character carried on, the wares of this house being well known all over Scotland and the north of England, and in the leading cities of India, America, and the colonies.

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