Alexander Riley

Alexander Riley, Merchant Tailor, Shirt Manufacturer, Hosier, Glover, and Foreign Outfitter, 42, Gordon Street.—

    A house of great celebrity in its line is that of Mr. Alexander Riley, which is personally conducted by him and is situated as above. This house was founded in 1868, and removed to the present address from 86, Argyle Street, in 1886. The premises now occupied consist of a handsome shop comprising showrooms and well-appointed spacious workrooms. The whole depot has a fine street frontage. The total staff employed in all the departments numbers about forty hands.

    The stock, which is very large, is composed entirely of gentlemen’s clothing, dress shirts, and hosiery of the very best and finest quality. In the former department the leading specialities are trousers, business suits, dress suits, and summer overcoats; in the latter “hygienic hosiery”. All the hygienic goods, are made specially for this house in the well-known town of Hawick. The trade mark adopted is the word “Corona”. Mr. Riley manufactures the “Corona” shirt, which is pronounced by competent authorities to be the latest and most perfect form of dress-shirt. This house took the lead some years ago in bringing about the cash system for high-class clothing, which it has steadily maintained ever since.

    The trade extends all over Glasgow and the surrounding districts, and is particularly well-established among the aristocracy and the upper strata of society generally. It is well known among his patrons that whatever Mr. Riley undertakes will be done well, and his prestige in the commercial world at large is such as entitles him to the respect of all his trade colleagues in the city.

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