K. W. Robertson & Co.

K. W. Robertson & Co., Avon Steel Works, Duke Street.—

    One of the prosperous, pushing, and progressive firms engaged in the great metallic industries of Glasgow is that of Messrs. M. W. Robertson & Co., proprietors of the well-known Avon Steel Works. This notable house was founded upwards of twenty years ago, and took possession of its present premises in 1869. The works were for a short time at Linlithgow, but the whole concern was centralised in Glasgow in 1869.

    The Avon Steel Works occupy an area of fully an acre of ground, which is covered to a large extent by buildings specially erected and adapted for the manufacture or conversion of Swedish iron into steel. For this purpose the works are equipped with the latest and best appliances. A large and valuable plant of machinery is in operation, including large and small hammers, planing machines, lathes, drilling machines, &c., &c., all of the most modem description ; and the establishment possesses several very heavy and powerful steam hammers (Davy Brothers’ patent, Sheffield), for drawing and forging steel ingots into steel bars, which are afterwards used in the manufacture of tools of the finest quality. Crucible and cast-steel castings, and forgings of all descriptions, are made to pattern.

    Probably the most noteworthy speciality of the house consists in the manufacture of shear blades, to which much attention and particular care are devoted. Messrs. Robertson make these blades up to the largest size produced (fourteen and a half feet long), and enjoy a splendid reputation on the score of perfect quality, their business in this department being as large as that of any other firm in the country in the same line.

    The whole industry is most capably and carefully conducted, and has received masterly development in all its branches. The firm control a large and constantly increasing trade throughout Scotland and the north of England. Export relations of considerable importance and much future promise are being opened up successfully with the colonies and India, and valuable contracts are annually undertaken and satisfactorily carried out for castings and forgings in steel for the shipbuilders of the Clyde.

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