William Robertson

William Robertson, Steamship Owner, 88, Great Clyde Street.

    The energy and enterprise which are so eminently characteristic of the business men of the city of Glasgow are nowhere more apparent than in the extensive establishment of Mr. William Robertson. This business dates its foundation from the year 1855, when it was established by the present proprietor in Jamaica Street, being removed in 1885 to the present extensive und commodious premises, which comprise a handsome suite of offices and counting-house, with all the accessories of a large and well-appointed establishment.

    Mr. Robertson has increased the number of his vessels, the fleet now amounting to nineteen fine powerful steamers, varying from two to seven hundred and thirty tons burden, engaged chiefly in the coasting trade, but frequently making voyages to the Continent and America. They are commanded by officers of well-tried experience, and constitute an important factor in the carrying trade of the port of Glasgow. This well-known and popular line of steamships comprise the Larry Bane, 200 tons ; the Agate, 210 tons ; the Argus, 210 tons ; the Olderfleet, 240 tons ; the Scythian, 240 tons ; the Trojan, 240 tons ; the Dalriada, 840 tons ; the Ensign, 340 ; the Pennon, 340 ; the Jasper 340 tons; the Sapphire, 430 tons ; the Topaz, 430 tons ; the Pearl, 650 tons ; the Diamond, 560 tons ; the Gem, 530 tons ; the Ruby, 575 tons ; the Jacinth, 575 tons ; the Latharna, 680 tons ; and the Amethyst, 730 tons.

    The proprietor is a gentleman occupying a high position in commercial circles. He exercises sound judgment and well-directed energy in the management of his extensive business, and has always been most strenuous in his endeavours to promote and advance the commercial prosperity of the city.

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