Wm. Robertson

Wm. Robertson, Commercial Travellersí Stock Showrooms, 62, Argyle Street.ó

    The establishment over which Mr. Robertson presides is probably one of the most unique in the kingdom. The premises consist of twelve or more spacious rooms of various capacity, in which commercial gentlemen can exhibit their patterns, stock, &c. The advantage of this to the representatives of firms who are resident in the locality is obvious, as by placing their stocks under the care of Mr. Robertson ; they save all such expense as hotel charges.

    The idea of forming this establishment originated with Mr. Robertson when he was in the employ of Mr. Duncan the well-known engraver and account-book manufacturer. The business was thus started by Mr. Duncan in 1870, and he was afterwards succeeded by Mr. Robertson. It is the only establishment of the kind in Scotland, and has proved a success far beyond expectations. The premises, which are located in a central position, are admirably arranged and fitted with every convenience, including packing-rooms, &c., and a powerful hoist. Mr. Robertson has also founded an agency where firms located at a great distance can send their goods in cases by train in the form of separate parcels, &c., which he undertakes to have promptly and carefully delivered to their respective destinations. For carrying out this part of the business he employs a large number of porters, &c.

    The largest firms in London and elsewhere patronise Mr. Robertsonís establishment, and among the firms having rooms there are Messrs. Fellheimer & Co., London ; Messrs. Gamburg & Co., Paris ; Messrs. Marcus Ward & Co., publishers; Gebhardt, Rottman & Co., London; also John Heath, Birmingham ; George Stroud, Wolverhampton (ironmongery and hardware), and others. Mr. Robertson is a first-class guide to any commercial gentleman coming north for the first tame, and his advice is invaluable.

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