Robinson & Campbell

Robinson & Campbell, Manure Manufacturers, Ruchill Bridge, Maryhill.

    There is scarcely a branch of industry in which chemistry has played such an important part during the last few years as that of agriculture, and this is particularly the case in regard to the introduction of patent manures. These have been adopted by the largest farmers and others with an amount of success that at one time would have been regarded as incredible. In fact in the present day, artificial manures are largely superseding the older methods of manuring the land.

    Among the houses engaged in this branch of trade is that of Messrs. Robinson & Campbell, one of the oldest in the trade. The business was established before 1851, at Greenock, and was removed to the present address in 1875. The firm is now entirely in the hands of Mr. John F. Campbell as sole partner, although the business is still conducted under the old title. The premises occupied are at Ruchill Bridge, Maryhill, and comprise stores, &c., where the various processes of mixing and making up are carried out. The firm have a large connection both in the immediate locality and also throughout the south of Scotland generally, and their trade consists principally in supplying chemical manures.

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