T. Rogers

T. Rogers, The Cash Drapery House, 99, Cathcart Road.—

    In connection with the drapery trade on the South Side a representative establishment is The Cash Drapery House. Established by Mr. T. Rogers, the proprietor, in 1878, in the same locality, the business has been most successfully carried on in the present premises for the last five years. This establishment, which on account of increasing business is at present being remodelled, consists of a large double shop elegantly decorated and fitted to display the immense and varied stock of first-class “everyday” drapery goods.

    The system followed is that of purchasing and selling for cash only, enabling Mr. Rogers to buy cheaper and sell cheaper, thus sharing the profits of his energies with his supporters. No doubt Mr. Rogers owes the increasing reputation of his house to the adoption of this plan ; still his energy, agreeable manner, and straight-forward character are large factors in the position he holds as proprietor of The Cash Drapery House.

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