Ross & Wallace

Ross & Wallace, Straw Hat and Bonnet Manufacturers, 70, Union Street.

    Few industries of recent years have developed more rapidly than the manufacture of straw hats and bonnets, and amongst the many firms engaged in this business the well-known house of Messrs. Ross and Wallace, of the above address, has for many years occupied a leading position. The extensive warehouses of this firm are well situated and admirably adapted to the extensive trade carried on, and the appointments of the show rooms are in every way excellent.

    An immense and valuable stock of beautifully finished goods is exhibited in the show-rooms. There are of course many varieties of plait in use, but the bulk of the British plait displayed by Messrs. Ross and Wallace is manufactured at Dunstable, St. Albans, and Luton, at which latter place they have a great number of people constantly employed upon their special work.

    The two partners in this firm are both gentlemen possessing a thorough technical knowledge of the manufacture. Messrs. Ross and Wallace have also another large establishment at 17, South St. Andrew Street, Edinburgh, which is well patronised by the numerous retail milinery establishments of the Northern Athens. The connections of this house are well founded upon the eminent repute it has always enjoyed, and the trade controlled is of a widespread, influential, and steadily growing character,

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