D. Ross & Co.

D. Ross & Co., Plain and Ornamental Box Manufacturers, 63, North Frederick Street.—

    One of the most eminent Glasgow houses in its line is that of Messrs. D. Ross & Co., conducted by Mr. Donald Ross, the sole proprietor, under the above trade title. This business was originally founded at No. 170, Buchanan Street, in 1871, and removed to Frederick Lane in 1875, and to the present premises in 1882. The premises are very extensive, and a working staff of over one hundred and thirty hands are employed. Travellers represent the house in all parts of the United Kingdom, and there are resident agents in London and Manchester.

    The operations of the house are very widespread — the plainest draper’s box to the richest ornamental receptacle for handkerchiefs, gloves, covered and lined with velvet and silk, being the handsomest boxes made in the trade, are produced in vast numbers every week. Smaller goods, such as wedding cake boxes, fancy boxes for tobacconists’ goods, and ornamental boxes of every description are made, as well as boxes for all kinds of fancy goods, jewellers in particular receiving great attention, the organisation of the business and the direction of the routine of the establishment being all that could possibly be desired, and of the most thorough character in every detail.

    The sample-room is particularly noteworthy, the specimens of boxes displayed being of the most rare and desirable description, their superior quality being easily discernible. In point of quality as well as finish, the productions of the house are among the best placed on the home market. All the materials used are well seasoned and made up by skilled labour exclusively, while the firm are enabled to keep well abreast of the times, for they have within themselves all the facilities for not only making all kinds of boxes in ordinary use, but also for bringing out novelties in this particular line with equal rapidity to the best continental houses. This house has slowly and surely progressed, and is much to be preferred to those mercantile establishments which, in their anxiety for dash and appearance, smother their own endeavours. Messrs. Boss & Co. now stand in the forefront of the trade, and for producing artistic, substantial boxes for all classes of traders are unexcelled. The trade, of course, is exclusively wholesale, very widespread, and well established.

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