Thomas Ross & Co.

Thomas Ross & Co., Manufacturers of Canvas Hose, 29, Dalmamock Road, Bridgeton.—

    For conveying water under pressure, for the purpose of extinguishing conflagrations, there is no better or more suitable instrument than the seamless woven linen hose-pipes, now so extensively used by fire brigades throughout the country. When properly made from the best quality of flax they possess great strength and are thoroughly watertight, combining efficiency with lightness and convenience in handling, thus enabling streams of water to be directed to a fire with the greatest possible rapidity. Chemical extincteurs may prove abortive, sprinklers may fail to act, but a good stream of water from the hose-pipe seldom fails to quench or arrest the progress of the flames. And as our industries thus depend upon the hose-pipe to a certain extent for protection from the spread of fire, it is appropriate that a thoroughly representative firm of manufacturers of this class of goods in our own city should be prominently mentioned. Such is the firm of Thomas Ross & Co., at the foregoing location.

    This business was established in the present premises a few years ago. The establishment consists of an office, warehouse, and factory, covering an area of 3,500 square feet. The factory contains all the appliances of the best description for manufacturing the first qualities of fire-hose. The genuine linen hose as used by fire brigades is made there. This hose has been supplied to the Glasgow Fire Brigade, and a portion of it is now carried along with their most powerful steam fire-engine, and has also been supplied to many other fire brigades throughout the country and numerous large public works, and gives universal satisfaction, and is now known as the “Standard” fire-hose. They also make cotton hose, india rubber lined hose, and hose for ship’s use, &c.

    Mr. Ross has always carefully selected the very best materials for the manufacture of his goods, and personally superintends the work, and this, with his being in Glasgow, has brought him a fair share of the Scotch trade. Mr. Ross has been well-known in connection with the trade for many years, and the practical experience and drill, with his frank manner and upright character by which he established his business, continues to maintain and extend his connection both at home and abroad.

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