Rowan & Co.

Rowan & Co., Merchant Tailors, &c,, 104, Argyle Street.—

    The extensive business carried on by Messrs. Rowan & Co., merchant tailors, and boys’ outfitters, &e., presents many features of more than ordinary interest. Dating back in its foundation to the year 1846, when it was established by Messrs. Macintosh & Fleming, who were succeeded some years ago by the present partners, the history of this business is most intimately associated with the progress and development of this important branch of commerce from that period up to the present time. Some six years since the premises were entirely remodelled, at great expense and on the most improved principles, offering superior advantages, both for the display of the goods in the handsome and spacious showrooms, and also for the health and comfort of the numerous employees in the workshops and warehouse. The building has a most handsome and attractive appearance, the facade forming one of the most beautiful and striking architectural features of this busy thoroughfare. The internal fittings and arrangements are of a most superior character and in excellent keeping with the high tone of the establishment.

    A leading feature of this business is that all the goods sold by the firm are made on the premises of the best materials and by thoroughly reliable workmen. Each department is under the control of a competent manager having a special knowledge of the goods and work under his charge, and by this admirable arrangement is assured that perfection of fit, style, and finish for which this establishment is so justly celebrated. The stock of goods, as becomes a firm doing a business of this magnitude, is very large and comprehensive, being thoroughly representative of the trade and replete with items of interest, embracing in the various departments suitings in Scotch, English, and Irish tweeds, coatings in worsted and Melton cloth ; dressing gowns and umbrellas ; shirts, in wool, white and French regattas ; gloves, scarfs, ties, &c. These goods are all of guaranteed quality, and it would be difficult to find in this city, or even in Scotland, a larger or better selected stock.

    Messrs. Rowan & Co. pay special attention to boys’ outfits for schools and colleges, and supply most of these establishments throughout Scotland. The sixty shilling Scotch tweed suits, sixteen shilling trousers, and forty-two shilling overcoats sold by this firm are unequalled for wear, and highly popular. In the shirt and collar department Messrs. Rowan & Co. have a leading speciality in their well-known “perfect fitting” shirt, which is not only perfect fitting in name but in reality. The increasing popularity of these beautifully made and durable shirts is well attested by the rapid sales and the continued demands upon the resources of the establishment for their production. A very large staff of salesmen and assistants is constantly employed, a marked and impressive feature being the polite yet unobtrusive attention of every member of the establishment, and this characteristic trait of good breeding at once sets the visitor at ease and renders an inspection of this extensive establishment a source of pure pleasure and enjoyment.

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