R. Roxburgh

R. Roxburgh, Confectioner, 229, Great Western Road.—

    The manufacture of all descriptions of confectionery is a very important branch of industry that engages the attention of many of the most thriving and important firms in the kingdom. Among the principal houses thus engaged in the district of Glasgow, a leading position is occupied by that presided over by Mr. Robert Roxburgh. It was originally founded by a firm known as Messrs. Roxburgh & Myles, in 1871, but since 1882 the sole proprietorship has been vested in Mr. Roxburgh.

    The head department of the firm is at 229, Great Western Road, which consists of a very spacious and well-fitted shop that, with a large and varied stock of the different goods incidental to the trade effectively displayed, presents an exceptionally attractive appearance. The branch establishments are at 27, Shields Road, Pollockshields, and 41, Byars Road, Hillhead, and in both of these the same careful attention has been paid to the fitting and general arrangement of the premises.

    Mr. Roxburgh, being the manufacturer of the goods he supplies, is enabled to guarantee not only their quality, but also their purity. He devotes his attention solely to the production of high-class goods, and uses only the very best material. A packet of his goods was submitted to analysis at the City Analyst’s Laboratory, in Bath Street, and the report distinctly states that the “materials of which they are composed are of excellent quality”. It is therefore far from surprising that a very large trade has been developed. A very extensive business is done in all parts, and the firm is most deservedly renowned throughout Glasgow and the surrounding neighbourhood.

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