Rutherford Brothers

Rutherford Brothers, Manufacturers, Ingram Street.ó

    One of the principal industries connected with the shipbuilding trade on the Clyde is that of sailcloth manufacture, and among the leading firms thus engaged none have a better reputation than that of Rutherfurd Brothers. The business was established about thirty-two years ago in Ingram Street, opposite what is now the County Buildings, and is still carried on there. The partners are Andrew D. Rutherfurd and John Rutherfurd, the original founder and his son.

    The sail-canvas is manufactured chiefly at Arbroath, a district noted for its sail-cloth industry. The firmís business may be said to comprise two branches, that of general linen merchants and sail-cloth manufacturers. In these departments the firm have obtained great success by the superiority of their products, and they trade extensively to London and all the principal towns in England,. Scotland, and Ireland, the Continent of Europe, Canada, South America, Australia and China, The popularity this firm has obtained in all these markets is conclusive proof of the quality of the canvas and other goods which they supply. At the present time the great tendency seems to be to run down the quality in all classes of manufactures, but this firm has always adhered to the principle of sending out a high class quality.

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