John Ryder

John Ryder, Wholesale and Retail Poulterer and Game Dealer, 160, New City Road.—

    One of the principal establishments of its kind in the city is that conducted by Mr. John Ryder, which was founded by him at the present address in 1882. The emporium has a handsome street frontage with spacious windows on either side of the entrance.

    One section is exclusively devoted to the display of fish, and the other to game and poultry. A large and well-selected stock of these table luxuries are kept on hand. Every item in the stock may be relied on as the pick of the market, and the best of its kind obtainable. Ryder’s game and poultry are renowned throughout the city for their excellence, and the fish are of an equally high order of merit.

    An average staff of assistants are engaged, and the business is thoroughly well organised and conducted with tact and energy. The trade is wholesale and retail and well established in the locality. Mr. Ryder is well known on the home markets, and practically acquainted with all the details of this important branch of commercial enterprise.

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