C. F. Sachs

C. F. Sachs, Brassfounder, Albion Brass Works, 183, Rutherglen Road, S.S.-

    Brassfounding is a most important factor in connection with the commercial and financial interests of the country, and as an attendant industry upon that of engineering and the manufacture of every kind of machine it stands very high in the scale of importance. In connection with this trade a thoroughly representative house is that of C. F. Sachs, brassfounder, maker of every kind of brass-work for engineers and shipbuilders.

    This business was established in 1879 by Paterson, Robb & Co., and has been owned by Mr. Sachs for two years. The premises consist of a building on the front street having three flats, and a foundry and yard behind. The ground floor of the building is occupied as a warehouse and suite of offices ; the first flat above is the finishing shop, which is supplied with all the most approved tools for producing the finest work ; and the top flat forms the pattern-shop, the whole being one of the most complete works of the kind. Mr. Sachs’ work is more particularly in connection with engineering and shipbuilding, including marine, land, and locomotive engine castings, ship side-lights, steam cocks of all kinds, steam valves, steam whistles, lubricators, grease cocks, steam pressure and vacuum gauges, and boiler mountings.

    His connection, which requires the services of one hundred and fifty hands at present, has been steadily increasing of late, this being due to the satisfaction his customers have in the quality of his material and workmanship, but no doubt Mr. Sachs' reputation as a man of integrity and high principles has had much to do with the high position he holds in the trade.

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