David Sandeman & Co.

David Sandeman & Co., Yarn Manufacturers and Merchants, 11, John Street.ó

    One of the largest houses of British and foreign yarn manufacturers and merchants in this country is that of Messrs. David Sandeman & Co., of Glasgow, London, Leicester, Manchester, and Bradford. This extensive and influential concern was established in Glasgow (Brunswick Street) about forty-two years ago by Mr. David Sandeman, and was subsequently removed to No. 2, John Street. After a stay of twenty-five years at the latter address, the business was transferred to 11, John Street, which is now the location of the firmís head office. About twenty-one years ago the style of the house was changed to its present firm of David Sandeman & Co., the proprietary consisting of Mr. David Sandeman, his sons, and Mr. Peat.

    The firmís branch establishments are very important. The Leicester house occupies premises of great magnitude in Welford Road, where the manufacture of all kinds of knitting yarns is vigorously carried on. The other branches are situated at 48, Redcross Street, London, E.C. ; 11, Dale Street, Manchester ; and Canal Road, Bradford. Messrs. David Sandeman & Co. are British and foreign yarn merchants, agents, and manufacturers upon a very large scale, employing upwards of two hundred hands in their own establishments ; and their specialities, well and favourably known in all the home and export markets, comprise, besides all kinds of weaving yarns, Berlin, fleecy, Shetland, petticoat, and ice wools, with fingering, Andalusian, wheeling, crewel, mending, and fancy yarns of every description. For these goods the firm maintain a most eminent reputation, and in them they control a trade of very great magnitude, with valuable and old-established connections in all parts of the world.

    The original founder of this house secured the respect and esteem of the entire commercial community by beneficial works and principles of the most creditable character. He was for many years a member and director of the Chamber of Commerce, and held office as provost of the thriving town of Kirkintilloch, near to which he resided for a long time, and was also justice of the peace for the county of Dumbarton. His name will be most honoured in the future by reason of its connection with the first establishment of a branch of a Technical College in Glasgow, viz., the exceedingly successful weaving school which he was instrumental in opening under auspicious circumstances on September 3rd, 1877. He died at his residence at Woodlands, Lenzie, 16th December, 1887, and the business is now being carried on in all its vigour by his sons Boswell and Frank Sandeman, Mr. Peat, and partners.

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