David Sandeman & Son

David Sandeman & Son, Wine Merchants, 53, Miller Street, and at London and Inverness.ó

    There are probably few firms in the wine trade that have a wider reputation than that of Messrs David Sandeman & Son, their business having developed into one of the most renowned in the United Kingdom. Glasgow may be termed the birthplace of this noted house, as it was here that the business was originally established about 1820, by the first head of the firm, brother of the late Mr. George G. Sandeman, of the great port shipping house.

    At the present time the firm have three important establishments in the United kingdom; namely at Glasgow; at 64, Pall Mall, in London (opposite St. Jamesís Palace) ; and in Church Street, Inverness. The Glasgow house is located in spacious premises at 53 to 59, Miller Street, where they have excellent offices, and very extensive and most perfectly arranged cellarage for duty-paid goods. In addition to this the firm also occupy very large units for the storage of bonded goods at No. 64, in the same thoroughfare, giving them unusual export facilities. Both at Glasgow and London, they hold an enormous duplicate stock of high-class wines and spirits in great variety, including many specialities for which the firm are particularly noted.

    Three firms may be specially mentioned as being closely allied to Messrs. D. Sandeman and Son, both in business and by ties of relationship, viz., Sandeman and Co., of Oporto ; Sandeman, Buck & Co., of Jerez ; and Sandeman Brothers, of Lisbon. In addition to these, they have business connections of very long standing with Messrs. Barton & Guestier, of Bordeaux ; Leacock & Co., of Madeira, and also James Henessey & Co. (Cognac), of world-wide fame, for whom they act as export agents. In every variety of choice wines and spirits, Messrs. David Sandeman command a trade that may justly be said to extend to all parts of the world.

    It is owing to such houses as this that Scotland generally and Glasgow in particular have attained their present prominent position in the wine trade of the United Kingdom. Their premier position, extensive trade, and wide-spread renown all bear abundant testimony to the fact that their goods are really first class and unsurpassed by those of any firm in the trade.

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