Otto Schmidt & Co.

Otto Schmidt & Co., Commission Merchants, 27, Oswald Street.

    In the manipulation of foreign glues and gelatines, &c., this firm have made marked progress within the past three years or so. They were installed in 1885, Mr. Otto Schmidt and Mr. Gustav Gartzke being the sole partners.

    They have large stores in Warroch Street, Glasgow, and in Leith, under Messrs. John Stark & Co., for the storage of their goods. Their office in Oswald Street, Glasgow, is where they transact all business affairs. It is a moderate-sized counting-house, fitted and arranged to suit the nature of their business.

    This firm is about the only one in Scotland who have such extensive operations in the importation of glue, gelatine, and all other articles in this line, from the Continent. They do a very large trade throughout the three kingdoms, and employ travellers over England, Ireland, and Scotland. Their importations have now a considerable hold on the markets, and the Messrs. Schmidt & Co. have a good sound connection in the trade. They are both gentlemen of wide experience and great enterprise, and are closely attached to their business.

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