Alexander Scott & Co.

Alexander Scott & Co. (late Ballardie Brothers), Upholsterers and Cabinet Makers, 41, Robertson Street.—

    The economical furnishing of our dwellings is a matter of great importance to most classes of the community, as well as a conspicuous feature in the commercial world. An old and worthy house enabling people to do this is that conducted by Mr. Alexander Scott under the above trade title. This business was originally established by Messrs. Ballardie Brothers in Carlton Place, in 1858. Subsequently a removal was made to Howard Street, and to the present address in 1884.

    The well-appointed workshops contain a well-selected stock of frames of sofas, chairs, &c., in mahogany, walnut, oak, and many of the chosen hard woods. The warehouse contains every kind of furniture and furnishings suited to the tastes of all classes of customers. Bedsteads in brass and wood, French, half-tester, and, in fact, every kind are found in stock. Bedding is made by the firm’s own workpeople, the quality of which can be guaranteed. Floor-covering, including linoleum, oil-cloths, and wax-cloths of every description are here seen. Carpets, too, not only for the most aesthetic, who go in for subdued colours and mediaeval designs in tapestries and Kidderminsters, Brussels, and others, but carpets suited to the floor of the palatial hall or the humblest cottage. There are also sideboards, cabinets, dining-room, and parlour suites, bedroom, and even kitchen furniture. The speciality is upholstery for ships’ fittings. For many years this old house has done a very large trade as ships’ furnishers.

    The support accorded the house is a of good class and particularly well established.

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