Scott, Dawson & Stewart

Scott, Dawson & Stewart, Exporters of Drapery Goods, London, Glasgow, Queensland.

    As an exporting centre for all classes of goods, Glasgow has always maintained the highest of reputations, and this more particularly in reference to the magnitude of her soft goods shipments. A representative house engaged in the export drapery trade is that of Messrs. Scott, Dawson & Stewart. This firm was originally established in 1864. All their consignments go to their Brisbane and Townville houses in Queensland, and are confined to shipments of every description of that illimitable class of goods known as general drapery.

    The Glasgow representative of the firm is Mr. J. M. Dawson, at 20, Frederick Street, Glasgow, who purchases supplies in this market, while the interests of the house are cared for in London in the same capacity by Mr. R. M. Stewart, at No. 51, Milton Street, E.C. The business carried on is of large dimensions and constantly growing, indicative of the energy and enterprise manifested by the co-partners ; and their high standing in the mercantile community is the best possible proof of their honourable business methods.

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