John Scott

John Scott, Yarn Twister, Warper, Winder &c., 16, Campbellfield Street.

    This business has been established for a considerable number of years on the same site as at present, but has been very largely increased and augmented since the beginning. The premises take in four flats, where a large amount of machinery is occupied in yarn twisting warping, winding, &c., driven by steam power and giving employment to fully one hundred workers.

    Mr. Scott employs several agents and does a large home trade. He does an export trade also. He can always find plenty of work, and the business continues to grow steadily in his hands. Altogether it is one of the largest of its kind in Glasgow. Mr. Scott is an indefatigable worker, and in his efforts to improve and perfect this class of production has been very successful, and his name has great prestige in the trade generally.

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