Roderick Scott

Roderick Scott, Auctioneer, Dead Meat Auction Mart (the only mart in the city where meat is sold by auction), Moore Street.

    Mr. Roderick Scott is the originator of selling meat by auction in Glasgow, and is one of the best known tradesmen in the city. He has been established since the year 1879, when he opened in the Meat Market, but he has only occupied his present premises since 1885. He is a dead meat auctioneer, and holds auction sales daily, and his aggregate weekly sales are exceedingly large, in fact the largest of any firm in Great Britain. He sells solely on commission. He employs a considerable number of hands.

    He is about to make his premises more than double their present size, to enable him to appropriate one portion exclusively to beasts and the other to sheep. Live stock, either of cattle or sheep, are carefully slaughtered, and the business affords the best medium in the city between farmer and butcher. His connection is chiefly amongst the retail butchers of Glasgow and the district, who find it greatly to their advantage to obtain their supplies through him. He deals in all classes of animals which are slaughtered, and it is to this important fact that he owes the rapid success which has hitherto attended his business. He has secured an excellent reputation, inasmuch as his auctions are thoroughly bona fide, and his transactions are uniformly conducted in the most honourable and upright manner. He sends the results of each as soon as it is over to those who consign to him. His auction mart is of large size, and the walls, &c., are lined with white and blue enamelled bricks, which give the place a beautifully clean and inviting appearance.

    Personally Mr. Scott is highly popular amongst all classes.

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