The Scottish Asbestos Company (Limited)

The Scottish Asbestos Company (Limited), 106, St. Vincent Street.—

    It has been well known for a considerable period, from the incombustible nature of asbestos, that if properly manufactured it would be greatly superior to any other substance hitherto used for the purposes of engine packing. To the Scottish Asbestos Company (Limited) is due the credit of having brought the manufacture to the highest position yet attained, and having produced an asbestos engine-packing superior to any other steam packing ever introduced. It has undergone lengthy trials in the Government dockyards and arsenals with the most satisfactory results, as well as in many of the most extensive home and foreign railways, steamship companies’, and engineering firms.

    It is supplied in various forms, for steam engine packing, as plaited rope, wick-packing, and as block-packing, both round and square ; also in the form of millboard. The millboard is especially useful for a variety of purposes; it is made in sheets 40 inches square and from of an inch to half-an-inch thick ; it is fire, acid, and steam-proof, and so, in addition to forming an excellent flat jointing for flange joints and similar positions, it can also be used for covering boilers in a plastic form, and for fire screens and as a lining for portions of buildings where there is danger of fire. Its use for partitions, ceilings, and floors is particularly advocated, as it ensures complete protection under all ordinary circumstances. Other forms of the company’s manufactures are, pure asbestos cloth, for filtering acids and other purposes; asbestos and india-rubber woven sheeting and woven tape ; also, asbestos interwoven with metal of suitable alloy as tape and sheeting for high pressure ; asbestos powder, putty, and cement, acid and fireproof, for chemical works, superheated furnaces, &c.

    The asbestos boiler-covering composition is supplied in a dry condition, and only requires to be mixed with water to make it ready for use. The asbestos paint is fire-resisting ; its general use will be a great protection to property, especially in the cases of fires arising from trifling causes. It can be had in various plain colours and for decorative work.

    The Scottish Asbestos Company, Limited, have the great advantage of being asbestos mine-owners as well as manufacturers of all classes of asbestos goods, and for which they received a prize medal at the Glasgow Exhibition of the Sanitary Institute, and the highest award at the Edinburgh Exhibition of Industry, Science, and Art. The offices of the company are at 106, St. Vincent Street. Mr. Niel McEachran is the managing director, and Mr. D. Blacklock the secretary. The works at Levernshields, near Glasgow, are extensive and exceedingly well-appointed, giving employment to a large number of hands in the production of the various forms of the manufacture for which the company has acquired the celebrity of a distinctive name, wherever steam is used and packing is needed.

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