John Seaton & Co.

John Seaton & Co., Wholesale Stationers, Lithographers, Engravers, and Printers of Illuminated Show Cards, Labels, and Goods Tickets, 83, Dunlop Street.—

    In these hurried times, when competition urges the manufacturer and merchant to take advantage of every opportunity for furthering their interests, the wholesale stationery, lithography, engraving, and printing industries play a most important role.

    In connection with these trades the firm of John Seaton & Co, demands prominent mention, for in their establishment each and all of these industries are thoroughly represented. This business was founded in 1852, at No. 4, Dunlop Street ; removing from there to 61, Miller Street ; and again to 14, Maxwell Street ; thence to 22, Ann Street. The growing demand, however, necessitated removal to the present extensive premised in 1879.

    The workshops of Mr. Join Seaton — the sole proprietor — contain the most modern machinery, suitable for the highest-class trade. Mr. Seaton’s business connection for general work extends all over Glasgow and into the country ; and his specialities in illuminated show cards and goods tickets are as famous for the artistic taste displayed in their designs, as he is himself amongst his many business and social friends for possessing those upright qualities of character to which he, no doubt, owes his high reputation as a wholesale stationer, lithographer, engraver, and printer.

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